Bonnie's Balms Healing Salve 2 oz Case of 36 Jars

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Bonnie's Balms Healing Salve 2 oz Case of 36 Jars


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Bonnie's Healing Salve will heal your skin fast!

Bonnie's Balms Healing Salve is a natural healing salve, like the one grandma used to make that fixed everything from head to toe. Our Main Ingredient is Bees Wax, Colorado Unrefined Sunflower Oil, Calendula, Clove, Juniper Berries, and Comfrey.

It will heal your skin all the way to the bone. Our Healing Salve cools, reduces inflammation and stops pain to the bone.The herbs I've infused together in this formula clean wounds from the inside to the outside keeping your wounds clean. My herbal blend kills strep, staph, salmonella, and fungus bacteria.

I formulated Bonnie's Balms Healing Salve to heal sensitive, compromised topical skin injuries small or serious. The herbs, roots and flowers infused into this formula will heal and protect your skin from the inside to the outside. This product has grown up in the Climbing, Hiking, Hardware world.

Apply topically to reduce itching of stitches and to quickly heal rips or tears in the skin, pain to the bone, fingertip splits, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, insect bites, cat scratches, fractures, diabetic sores, bruises, gout, sunburns, chemical burns, bone pain, cracked feet, foot fungus, acne, knee injuries, tendon pain, scar tissue pain an healing, itching and a whole lot more.

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