At Bonnie's Balms I, Bonnie Searcy owner/founder; formulate a small family of healing and pain relief salves, oils, lotions and tinctures for the people I care about; you, my family and myself :-)

My grandfather was a botanist, herbalist, alchemist, bee keeper and a healer, my grandmother an intuitive 1/2 Blackfoot Indian. Grandpa was our medicine man in the family growing up. My family was very close, my grandparents played an important role in the ways I look an feel about plants and herbal medicine. As a child, I was encouraged to learn about, experiment and trust in medicinal plants and their benefits. My family background is Roman Catholic family in Kansas City, Missouri. My father was a talented hardworking painter and father of 7 kids.

As an adult, my passions focus on the study and experimentation of plant medicines, creating remedies that encourage natural healing, pain relief and good health. I find incredible joy in helping others find the right herbal information to alleviate their undiagnosed health concerns western medicine has failed to diagnose and treat effectively.

When we have an ailment within my family, my focus is consumed with the creation of the healing remedy. Through dream work, research and experimentation of individual herbs, I then formulate powerful healing and pain relieving herbal oils, tinctures, salves and balms. 

I found my healing path on a thin strip of land just outside of the City of Rocks, in Alma Idaho. The instant my feet touched this land, I was surrounded by a thick column of white light that only I could see. Tears poured out of me. I found a piece of myself on the mountainside. I found my purpose right then and there. My path in life is to heal others. "Bonnie the Shaman Medicine Woman"
At my feet, lay a heart shaped asteroid. It is one of my most treasured belongings.

*Thank you for your support and continued business :-D

Bonnie's Balms does not contain Peanut or Nut Oils or ingredients*

Our base oil is Colorado Unrefined Sunflower Oil. It is loaded with Vitamins: A, B, C, D, E, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium and Iron. I formulate tree, herb and flower topical medicines

BONNIE'S BALMS Inc was opened on June 10, 2008. I started out making a Climbers Salve for my family and friends, landed one Ace Hardware Store in 2008. Over the past 8 years my brand has grown :-)

My Specially Formulated Body-care Oils have been focused on Healing and Pain Relief.
On a scale of 1-4
1 Bad Pain and Inflammation

4 Extreme Pain and Inflammation 

1) Bonnie's Balms Healing Salve & Climbers Salve - Cools injured, pained, inflamed wounds and tendon, muscle tears, quickly heals and protects skin, greatly reduces pain to the bone and inflammation of the body and skin, heals and relieves burn pain instantly too!
2) Bonnie's Balms Pain Eraser - Warms body, stops pain immediately, increases circulation, reduces swelling and inflammations, greatly reduces nerve pain, cartilage pain, tendon pain, skin pain, constriction pain and a lot more.
3) Bonnie's Balms Swing Oil - Warms and Cools injured or arthritic joints, shoulders, back, legs, hips, feet, arms, neck. Works quickly to relieve pain and inflammation, increasing circulation, works deep to the bone, and all soft tissue. Heals skin incredibly fast also!
4) Bonnie's Balms XYZ Oil - Cools and Warms injured and sore nerves, muscles and tendons. Stops pain to the bone. Greatly reduces bone on bone pain. Quickly reduces inflammation, increases circulation, Healing skin, tendons and muscle tissue incredibly fast!

BONNIE'S BALMS has been selected as One of the TOP 250 MADE IN COLORADO MANUFACTURERS for 2016 by ColoradobizMagazine

BONNIE'S BALMS voted Best Over-the-Counter-Healer 2009 Colorado Westword Magazine

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Bonnie's Balms is recommended by Andrew Skurka and in the 2012 National Geographic and Outside Magazines Ultimate Hikers Gear Guides. (Written by Andrew Skurka)


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